Dear fellow musicians,

My name is Jehan Stefan.

(pronounce Jean Stéphane… or simply JS 🙂 )

I am a French arranger / orchestrator / lecturer who dedicated his life to help successful musicians to fulfill their projects in a cool relaxed positive mood despite the fact that doubt, stress and crazyness are part of the Music profession 😉 Click Here if you want to know more about me and my team.

The mission of this blog is to create a benevolent community of musicians who are interesting into decoding day by day the secrets of great Music from past to present day. I call this blog “Master Orchestration” as, in my opinion, the art of orchestration is the ultimate art of gathering people together to make Earth sound cool.

The goal of this blog will be to document and store secrets of the great musical minds of this planet. This database of knowledge will be updated as often as possible and will be split in three sections. Marketers are obsessed with the word “organic” for food. I do believe in “healthy organic” music that has positive impact on our brain and Life in general 😉 This is exactly what we will focus on this blog!

Section 1 / Decoding Music Day by Day

“One track a day and the doctor’s away”. Detailed music analysis of a score that had a major influenced on you! Please, leave me a comment below to tell me which classical music, film score or songs had a MAJOR impact in your Life. I will make sure to talk about YOUR favorite track in the next video or blog article.

Section 2 / The Ultimate Musician’s Library

Mostly reviews of books and sheet music that had a major influence on the history of Music for any curious musicians who wants to know “more”.

Section 3 / ORAL HISTORY “Learning from the Masters”

You will find here video interviews of composers, arrangers, orchestrators, musicians, historians, sound engineers and even guests that has NOTHING to do with Music but that will help us to broaden our Mind in other fields like Personal Development, Business, Storytelling, Cinema, Thinkers and even… Magicians!

Section 4 / Personal Development For Musicians

Everything we learn superficially at School or Conservatoire that will help you to make the difference in your daily life as a musician. Tips and tricks about Money, Business, Marketing, Productivity, Relationships and Health to be more cool and focus on what you love with people you love.

Jehan Stefan
Arranger | Orchestrator | Author of the blog


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